Pentax Debuts Medium Format Digital Camera

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Pentax Debuts Medium Format Digital Camera

After five years of delays, Pextax has finally introduced a medium format "645" digital camera. This makes the venerable medium-format player a bit laate to the wedding... and it shows.

There's nothing particularly appealing about the 645D - outside of the fact that photographers with a bucketload of money invested in Pentax lenses now have a digital body to match.

On the other hand, there doesn't appear to be anything particularly wrong with the camera, either. Of course, Pentax is rolling it out with much fanfare - as one would expect.

If you need the digital equavalent of a medium format camera, the Pentax's 40 MP Kodak sensor should give you great images. And if you have Pentax lenses already, it's a way to keep expenses down.

But after such a long wait, I'd hoped for something more exciting from Pentax. Maybe in version 2.0...



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