Don't Re-Shoot, Retouch

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How can you convert digital photos to black and white pictures?

Don't Re-Shoot, Retouch

Did you ever suspect a digital photo you shot in color would look better in black and white? Most photographers do from time to time.

Well, there's no need to go back out and shoot your subject again. With most digital photo editing software, you can get that black-and-white look easily.

In Adobe's popular Photoshop Elements (version 6), for example, you just open the photo file and select "Enhance" from the main menu. Then select "Convert to Black and White..." from the drop-down list. Elements displays the original (color) photo next to a black-and-white version, along with several adjustment options to fine-tune your photo.

Just make the changes you want (the on-screen image changes as you adjust the settings) and then click on "OK." Elements then displays your digital photo in black and white. The entire process takes just seconds.

Even better, Elements' "Undo," "Step Back" and "Revert" features let you change your mind at any step in the process - so long as you haven't saved over the original file.



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