Create Art After the Shot

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How can image editing software help you create a digital art photo?

Create Art After the Shot

In the film world, creating art from your photos required patience and specialized skills. Sandwiching negatives... dodging and burning... learning which chemicals yielded what effects... Creating an art print required many hours of work. And you still might not end up with the look you wanted, even after several tries.

But digital art photography has changed all that. Image editing software gives you a palette of almost unlimited scope. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can change color, contrast or lighting effects. You can even sandwich all - or just part - of two or more images in mere minutes. And you can undo aything you don't like with just one or two clicks.

Plus, you can use specialty papers to create an even more artistic look for your prints. With digital art photography, your only boundaries are those of your imagination.



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