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Why would you need a digital printing service?

The Print Shop

Let's say you're hosting a big New Year's Eve party , and you plan to invite the entire neighborhood. With a digital camera, a computer and the right software, you can design a pretty cool party flyer. But the real challenge comes when you're ready to print your flyers out. Your home printer can handle a lot... but photo-quality invitations for the entire neighborhood may be a bit much.

If you're looking to print a large number of quality flyers (or similar) your best bet may be a digital print service. Office centers such as Fedex Office (formerly FedEx Kinko's) can take your flyer and print out hundreds of copies in a fraction of the time - and for less money - than doing it yourself.

FedEx Office has another feature Windows users can appreciate. You can download your files for printing directly from your home computer. Plus, you can have the completed prints delivered - so you won't even have to leave the house!



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