Experiment With Filters

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What other things can digital photo editing software do?

Experiment With Filters

Many of today's photo editing software programs go far beyond such basic functions as rotating, cropping and adjusting brightness and contrast. They allow you to indulge your artistic side.

For example, in Photoshop Elements, there is a menu option called "Filter." Filters allow you to change the look of your digital photos. One filter gives your pictures a watercolor look, while another adds a ripple effect. There's even a "plastic wrap" filter.

Photoshop Elements offers dozens of different filter options, including blurs, brush effects and different color gradients. And, with plug-ins, Adobe's full Photoshop editing software offers hundreds of different ways to add an artistic touch to your digital photos.

So explore your photo editing software and see if it doesn't bring out the artist in you.



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