Three Tips to Improve Your Portraits

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Three Tips to Improve Your Portraits

Did you ever notice how many people say that they "don't take a good picture"? No matter how much work you put into a protrait, they're too fat, or they have a double chin or the light is unflattering...

Well, you can eliminate many reasons for compaint quickly and easily - including the three above. Here's how:

If your subject is concerned about their weight, have them move one shoulder forward. (The other will naturally move back.) This slenderizes your subject by presenting a narrower view to the camera.

If your subject complains about their double chin, jsut have them lift their head slightly. This extension will smooth out the folds above the neck.

Finally, you don't have to invest in fancy lighting equipment to create flattering light for your digital portraits. Just buy a flash-mounted diffuser. These simple devices attach to your shoe-mount flash, and provide a softer, more flattering light. And they're inexpensive. B&H Photo offers a model from Dot Line that's under $15.00.



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