Sometimes the Best Video Camera Isn't a Video Camera

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Sometimes the Best Video Camera Isn't a Video Camera

I post occasional videos to YouTube. They're mostly of my time at the Palm Beach Zoo. And I recently discovered something interesting.

Because I'm hooked on still photography, I usually shoot short videos with my Panasonic FZ50. It produces reamarkably good quality videos for a digital still camera - including sound.

But I have a (very) compact video camera as well: a Sanyo CG65. I love its handy size, and when I save high-res files, I get great results for creating DVD's of trips, etc.

But I've discovered my Panasonic still camera gives me better quality than my Sanyo video camera when I scale the videos down for YouTube. The Sanyo videos are so choppy, I won't even post them.

So my Panasonic has become my "video" camera of choice when I'm shooting furry and scaly subjects. It's simply a better video camera for low-res work than my video camera.

Go figure!



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