Digital Cameras - Customer Service Is Not Dead

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Digital Cameras - Customer Service Is Not Dead

I rarely make an impulse purchase. But I've been doing some casual research lately, with the thought of replacing my little Sanyo palm-sized video recorder. I happened to come upon some good prices at Best Buy, and impulsively picked up what I though was a good deal.

One of the deciding factors was that the digital camcorder I purchased was advertised on the box as 100% Mac compatible. As it turns out, it wasn't. Here's what I faced when I made this discovery:

Best Buy had clearly marked the box with a label informing me of a 15% restocking charge should I decide to return the product. "No problem," I thought. "This is a reputable brand, whose products I know. And it clearly states that it's Mac-compatible."

Barnum was right. As I discovered on page 86 of the product manual, in spite of the claims on the box, the unit doesn't work with all Macs that meet it's specs. Mine appeared to be one.

A call to the manufacturer dragged on for 1-1/2 hours, as I was passed from one person to another (Everyone claimed they were the "wrong department.") and even hung up on. Their final solution: Buy a software package that would enable me to use their product with my Mac. As it turned out, the software package they advised me to buy is a Windows-only product. Sheesh!

My experience at Best Buy couldn't have been more different. I explained the situation - and what I'd been through with the manufacturer - and they immediately agreed to waive the restocking fee. The manufacturer wasted 1-1/2 hours... Best Buy resolved my problem in all of five minutes.

The end result? It'll be a cold day in H*ll before I buy another product from that manufacturer... but Best Buy can expect to see me on a pretty regular basis. That's what good customer service does.

I've learned my lesson. My replacement camcorder will be another Sanyo digital model. One that I know works with my Mac. Too bad Best Buy doesn't carry Sanyo...



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