A 5 MP Camera Phone You Can Actually Use!

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A 5 MP Camera Phone You Can Actually Use!

I won't pretend that cell-phone service providers pay attention to my digital photography ramblings, but I sure felt like someone was listening when I saw T-Mobile's recent announcement.

Just days after I posted a complain that the hot new camera phones weren't available in the US, T-Mobile announced the availablility of the Motorola ZINE ZN5 - with a 5 MP camera on board. And, like the 8 MP models I mentioned in my earlier post, the ZN5 acts more like a digital camera with a decent phone on board than a cell phone with a camera thrown in.

Though "only" 5 MP, that resolution is enough to produce decent 8" x 10" prints... not something most of us can do with our current cell phone cameras. And the ZN5 features auto-focus, a Xenon flash, multiple capture modes, red-eye reduction and a 1 GB memory card (expandable to 4 GB with a standard micro-SD card).

Transfer your photos via WiFi or USB, and there's a one-touch connection to the free online Kodak Gallery service. The ZN5 also features macro capability, special low-light settings and Kodak Imaging Technology. So far, the reviews range from good to great, and the ZN5's digital photos I've seen online have been quite good.

Even the price is pretty reasonable. The Motorola ZN5 is available from T-Mobile for as little as $99 with a 2-year contract.



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