Will Some Samsung & LG Phones Be Blocked From US?

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Will Some Samsung & LG Phones Be Blocked From US?

There's bad news for Samsung & LG fans. Eastman Kodak has sued the two companies for patent infringement. Kodak claims both have violated Kodak patents - issued between 1993 and 2001 - in their camera phones. Kodak announced the suit today.

If you already have the Samgung or LG phone of your dreams, don't worry. Nobody's going to take it away. But if you've been waiting for the latest and greatest from these companies, Kodak's complaint with the International Trade Commission - also filed today - could block importation of camera phones using the disputed technology.

Kodak has licensed it's technology to other camera phone manufacturers - including Nokia and Motorola. The settlement of Kodak's 2004 suit against Sony resulted in Sony licensing Kodak technology, as well.

But Kodak claims that discussions with Samsung and LG have essentially gone nowhere, forcing Kodak's hand.

With more than 1,000 digital imaging patents, Kodak's technology is used in a remarkable number of cameras and camera phones. And, if past experience is any indicator, Kodak will win this round as well.



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