Farewell to Circuit City - and to Bargains

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Farewell to Circuit City - and to Bargains

Another troubled brick-and-mortar outlet will soon bite the dust as Circuit City liquidates it's remaining merchandise. But don't rush out to update to the latest model of digital camera at fire-sale prices. You'll almost certainly be disappointed.

I stopped by our local store a couple of nights ago, and their stock of digital cameras was pretty good. But the prices were not.

Circuit City has been advertising "up to 30% off." What I found was that none of the consumer electronics were more than 10% off. And the prices on what I checked were generally high. (You'd almost suspect that someone inflated the starting-point prices.)

Nikon's D300 digital SLR, for example, was several hundred dollars more than the same camera's price at B&H Photo (online) - in spite of having been "marked down" 10%. While not all digital camera prices were that bad, none of them were good.

If you're looking to upgrade, you may find bargains when Circuit City discounts digital cameras by 30 - 40%. But by then, folks who don't bother to check competitive pricing may well have snapped up most of the good stuff at non-bargain prices.



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