Olympus E-30 Offers a Neat Trick

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Olympus E-30 Offers a Neat Trick

Olympus has always blazed something of an independent path, so we've come to expect interesting developments from their cameras. And, once again, they've delivered with the new E-30.

This 12.3 MP digital SLR offers plenty of standard features, but a ffew others worthy of note.

First, there's the LCD screen that swivels 270 degrees. This feature is common on higher-end "super-zoom" cameras, but rare on a digital SLR. If you've ever had to shoot through a crowd, you know how great this feature is. Just hold the camera above your head and compose a clear shot of your subject in the swiveling screen.

Then there's something Olympus calls "Shadow Adjustment Technology." This feature automatically brings out more detail in your shadows, while retaining the detail in the highlights. Early reviews seem to confirm that it does a pretty good job - which will save you time in editing.

But my favorite is the multiple-exposure feature. Of course, we've alwyas been able to combine shots in better editing programs, but the E-30 can do the same thing in-camera with up to 4 shots. I like the idea of being able to create these images - and see the results - "on the fly."

So far, reviews of the E-30 have been very positive. At about $1,300 (body only), it may be a little pricy for it's class, but the picture quality rates well in reviews and it has a solid feature set.



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