Panasonic's New Zoom Champ

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Panasonic's New Zoom Champ

When most people talk about a long zoom, they usually mean 300 mm or longer. Well, would you believe a 3,194 mm zoom lens?

That's right, Panasonic's new digital camera, translated into it's 35 mm equivalent, zooms from 45.6 mm all the way out to 3,194 mm! And, that's all optical zoom, though the camera does offer a digital zoom as well.

Even more amazing, this is all in a package weighing just half a pound, and measuring only 2.56" x 2.21" x 4.21".

But here's the catch: Panasonic's new SDR-S26 digital camera is a digital video camera.

I've been sold on digital video since before I bought my Sanyo VPC-CG65. It's nearly as small as the palm of my hand and records decent video to SD cards. But the zoom is only 5x. Panasonic's SDR-S26 is only a little larger, but sports a 70X zoom with optical image stabilization.

If you've been thinking of going video, consider Panassonic's little powerhouse. It's not HD, but you won't find much else missing. And with a 70x zoom, you won't miss much, either.



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