Olympus Cameras Get Tough

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Olympus Cameras Get Tough

And I mean that quite literally. Olympus recently announced the Stylus Tough 6000 and 8000 - two digital cameras designed to take life's bumps and jolts in stride.

The Tough 8000 is a 12 MP compact designed to stow easily and go everywhere. How are these for stats: It can shrug off a drop from about 6.6 feet. Cold weather? No problem. It still operates at -10 deg. C (about 14 deg. F). It withstands 220 pounds of pressure (In case your sister's boyfriend steps on it?). And it operates underwater down to 10 meters - about 33 feet.

That's quite a list of accomplishments. Add to it a 3.6 x internal optical zoom, and you have a pretty versatile little camera.

Unfortunately, early reviews are that the picture quality isn't great and that images are noisy starting at settings around 400 ISO. Too bad, because this little camera has a lot going for it.

If you're adventurous and want a compact digital camera that can take what you dish out, the Tough 8000 is worth thinking about. But with its drawbacks - and an estimated street price around $400 - you may want to think twice.



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