Can Your Digital Camera Replace Your Scanner?

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Can Your Digital Camera Replace Your Scanner?

A Belgian software company, Creaceed, thinks the answer is, "Yes." Creaceed has just announced Prizmo, a software utility that turns digital photos into scans... sort of.

According to the company website, a 10 MP digital photo has about eh same resolution as a letter-sized 300 dpi scan. So, their thinking goes, why buy a scanner? Just shoot what you want to scan with your digital camera and import the images into Prizmo.

Prizmo allows you to crop images, resize them and correct perspective. Creaceed claims Prizmo will even compensate for lens distortion.

Of course, if you think this sounds a lot like photo editing software, you're right. Though my guess is that Prizmo doesn't have all the editing features of Photoshop Elements. In fact, if you own Elements - or any photo editing software that can save PDF files - you already have most of Prizmo's functionality.

At $39, Prizmo is inexpensive. If you don't have decent photo editing software and you have very limited space, then you may find it useful... But only if you own a recent Mac. Prizmo only works with G5 and Intel Macs running OS X Leopard.



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