Adobe Announces Mobile

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Adobe Announces Mobile

What's better than Adobe photo-editing software? How about Adobe photo-editing software for free?

This week, Adobe revealed it's latest product: Mobile for the iPhone. Available on Apple's App Store for free (Yes, free!), the app offers some nifty editing features tailored to touching up snapshots.

The interface will feel intuitive to seasoned iPhone users. A touch opens drop-down menus. A second touch selects from the menu. Adjustments are made with finger drags. Within two minutes of downloading the app, I had successfully edited my first photo.

There are color and exposure adjustments, cropping and even special effects. (Though the choice is limited.) You can even add borders. The app also allows you to access your account from your iPhone. You can edit in-phone, upload to your account and then share your photos from any computer. (A account with 2GB of storage space is free.)

Considering the limited photographic capabilities of the iPhone's digital camera, this is a must-have app. And for free, the price couldn't be better.



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