Getting More Out of a Digital Photoframe

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Getting More Out of a Digital Photoframe

Digital photoframes have been around for several years, and they've improved steadily. But Sony's new DPP-F700 (avialable January 2010) evolves the digital frame one step further.

For $200, the DPP-F700 not only gives you a 7" (diagonal) photoframe, it also gives you a 300 dpi printer. The handy little device allows you to display your pictures... and if anyone happens to like one, you can print them a 4" x 6" copy on the spot. Thanks to an image-capture feature, the DPP-F700 helps you pick the right photo, even if you're in the middle of running a slideshow.

Seven inches isn't large by today's digital photoframe standards... but this compact black frame makes a nice little addition to a desktop or endtable. And with it's 1 GB of internal storage and auto-resize feature, you can fit about 2,000 photos in memory.

Optional print packs come in 40 and 120-sheet sizes, with ink cartridges. The 4" x 6" print size limitation doesn't offer a lot of flexibility, but there are several output options, including "ID photos," calendars and multiple-image sheets.

Input is a snap, thanks to Sony's decision to support memory card formats other than it's proprietary Memory Stick. The DPP-F700 will also download from SD, MMC, x-D and CompatcFlash cards... as well as directly from a PC via it's USB connection.

As an added plus, the DPP-F700 digital frame/printer also comes with a remote control that manages most major functions.



6/21/2011 1:27:22 AM
Toni Aull said:

This is good for business...customers would like this very much....precious moments done fast


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