Casio Adds Rugged Digital to Line-up

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Casio Adds Rugged Digital to Line-up

Shockproof, waterproof digital cameras aren't news these days. But Casio's new enry - the EX-G1 is worthy of note.

In keeping with the Exilim tradition Casio has designed the slimmest shockproof/waterproof point-and-shoot. But they've also added a feature to the 12.1 MP EX-G1 that sets it apart from the pack.

The camera offers "Interval Shooting." The feature automatically shoots frames at intervals of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes. Using a camera mount (available separately), you can set the camera and then take it with you mountain biking, snowboarding or other high-action event. The camera will take a frame at the set interval while you concentrate on getting down the mountain - or wherever your going.

And I do mean wherever, because teh EX-G1 can be used underwater - up to 10 feet - for 60 minutes.

With a 3x internal zoom, settings up to ISO 3200 and face detection - among others - the EX-G1 has a decent feature set. It will be available in December at an estimated $299.99. It's not a cheap camera. But if you're looking for a rugged camera that offers hands-free operation, it's worth a look.



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