Brave New (Video) World

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Brave New (Video) World

I don't know why I'm surprised every time digital cameras turn my little world on its ear. By now you'd think I'd have learned. Heck digital cameras even cost me a job once - in the photofinishing industry.

But here I am again...

Although I loved my little Sanyo Xacti digital video cam, it was time to move up to HD. But after doing my homework, I bought a still camera. Specifically, Panasonic's Lumix DMC-ZR1.

The ZR1 shoots HD video at 720 - with sound, of course. And, so far, the results have looked good. Add in a wide-angle 8x zoom, and you have a nice little digital video camera. One that also happens to shoot very respectible 12 MP stills.

Unlike many other digital still cameras, the limits on video length aren't an issue,either. The ZR1 can record up to 2 GB of video in a single clip. That's more than adequate for my purposes.

I'm taking a few days' vacation this week, and I plan to do a lot of shooting. When I'm done, I'll tell you how this little experiment is going.

Right now, I'm thinking - for me at least - digital video cameras may be history.



1/3/2010 1:48:36 PM
Brian and Steve said:

This is a cool and usefull website Thank You!!!!!
I will tell my uncle, the king of websites, to recomend it to more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Brian and Steve


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