Will the iPad Change Photo Viewing?

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Will the iPad Change Photo Viewing?

In a word, "Yes." The introduction of Appl's iPad will clearly change the way we share photos. Here's why:

Digital photo frames are a hot item. They allow you to display hundreds of your favorite photos in an undending slideshow. Now picture a good-sized digital photo frame that's easy to carry and has a 10-hour battery.

Kiss sharing photos via your phone or digital camera's tiny screen good-bye.

Memory is another issue. iPads come with up to 64 GB of memory. Most people can fit their entire photo library on that. in other words, you can share more than ever before. (Whether or not you should is an entirely different question.)

Finally, there's the "app store thing." The iPad can run virtually every app - including photo editing software - in Apple's App Store. And those apps are cheap.

So photo editing on the iPad wil be both easy and cheap. Photoshop Mobile may not be super... but it does enough to clean up a lot of small problems.

I'd say we're entering a whole new age of photo viewing.



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