Samsung Challenges Micro Four-Thirds

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Samsung Challenges Micro Four-Thirds

When Olympus and Panasonic introduced the micro four-thirds system, there was one big question. Was this another APS? In other words, would the new digital camera format - introduced with much fanfare - wind up just another also-ran?

The answer has turned out to be "no." But other camera manufacturers have been slow to respond... even as critics and consumers alike drool over the new Olympus PEN.

But Samsung is firing back. Their response is the new NX system. Samsung's first camera built without any partnerships, the NX has one advantage over micro four-thirds. And that's a somewhat larger sensor.

Otherwise, Samsung's system is a virtual concept clone. The NX offers digital SLR features, but without the mirror-box. Instead, you see an electronic image through the eyepiece.

Sensor real estate is important. So Samsung's move is equivalent to a shot across the rest of the industy's bow.

Considering the quality of Samsung's compact digital cameras, the NX10 could pose a challenge to traditional compace DSLRs. That is, if Samsung can bring the price down.

When available, the NX10 will sell for around $700 with an 18 - 55mm lens. That's a good $150 more than you'd pay for a Pentax K-x with an equivalent lens.



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