Is Micro Four-Thirds for You?

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Is Micro Four-Thirds for You?

You want quality photos... crisp images with high resolution. You know the tiny image sensors on compact point-and-shoot cameras won't do the job for you. But digital SLRs are just so bulky.

You may have heard there's a compromise out there: micro four-thirds. These cameras offer higher quality than compact point-and-shoots, but not the bulk of a digital SLR.

And they do offer interchangable lenses and many of the other features of a DSLR.

Is a micro four-thirds camera the one for you?

Maybe. But micro four-thirds isn't just a DSLR without the mirror. You see, the sensor in a micro four-thirds camera is still a fair amount smaller than the sensor in even a low-end digital SLR. And that low-end DSLR probably costs quite a bit less.

Another consideration is your choice of lenses. This system offers far fewer dedicated lenses. (Olympus offers a lens adapter... but then you have another expensive piece of equipment.)

If you're looking for a bump up in quality, you'll get it with a micro four-thirds camera. But they can't match most digtal SLRs.



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