Pentax Releases Limited Edition K-7 DSLR

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Pentax Releases Limited Edition K-7 DSLR

Sometimes, a limited edition is a good idea. Artists sell 'em out all the time. So does Disney.

But limited edition cameras are another thing. Especially when the "limited" part is about as ho-hum as it gets.

And that's the story with the limited edition Pentax K-7 digital SLR. It has a (partially) silver-colored body, but that doesn't mean much. So did practically every consumer-level SLR sold for some 20 or so years.

It also comes with Pentax's latest firmware and software. But you'd hope that all their new cameras did.

Really, the only feature that sets the "silver" K-7 apart is an upgraded view screen and a tough glass LCD cover. Not enough to warrant extra cash, in my opinion.

I guess it's good Pentax is limiting the silver K-7 to 1,000 sets. Because I don't see people knocking down the doors to get one.



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