Add Interest to Your Vacation Photos

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Add Interest to Your Vacation Photos

Have you ever sat through an endless slideshow (traditional or digital) from someone's vacation? Chances are, if you did, you were bored. Wouldn't you like to be the one person in your crowd whose vacation pictures are met with anticipation instead of yawns? Here are a couple of quick tips for getting there:

1) Don't shoot what everyone else shoots. Everyone snaps a picture of Old Faithful from the benches. Find a different perspective to create interest. For example, catch the look on your kids' faces when they see Old Faithful for the first time.

2) Have the people in your pictures doing something interesting. A shot of Aunt Martha standing next to a gondola is great for her memory book. But take a second shot to share - such as Aunt Martha acting as gondolier, while the actual gondolier sits back and "enjoys the ride."

3) Edit, edit, edit. Sharing 20 or 30 shots of your vacation is nice. Sharing 200 or 300 is torture. Share only your very best or most interesting shots. Not only will your friends appreciate it, they'll think you're a great photographer. ("She only got 25 pictures, but they were all great. I wish I could shoot like that.")

With just a little forethought - and a little editing - your family and friends will always look forward to sharing your vacatoin photos.



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