Galleries Help Build Your Skills

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How can online photo galleries help you be a better photographer?

Galleries Help Build Your Skills

Need some photo inspiration? Try joining a website where you can post your pictures and view images that other photographers have posted. Sites such as let you display your photos in a gallery... as well as browse other personal and professional galleries to get ideas.

By studying other photographers' galleries, you can discover how to turn close-ups, black and whites, landscapes and other shots into works of art - and how to tell stories with your images

Look to stock art houses for inspiration, too. These companies supply all types of digital photos to designers, publishers and ad agencies. And you can browse their professional galleries for free.

Finally, don't overlook the many art photographers who post their work on their own websites. A quick Google search for "fine art photography" or a similar phrase will yield thousands of opportunities to learn new looks and perspectives.



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