Shoot Without the Shakes

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What type of equipment should you bring along for an outdoor shoot?

Shoot Without the Shakes

Shooting outdoors is not like taking snapshots in your living room. Rocks, uneven ground and the wind can all make it difficult to hold your camera steady.

For digital landscaping photos, your best solution is to use a tripod. Look for one that's light enough carry with you comfortably, but durable enough to take the wear and tear any elements dish out.

To reduce camera shake even more, use your camera's remote control (if it has one), self-timer or a cable release to snap your landscape photos.

If it's particularly windy, here's a trick birders use to keep their spotting scopes steady: Hang a weight from your tripod's center post. Even just a pound or two is enough to keep your tripod rock-steady in most winds.



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