Do You Have a Winning Shot?

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How do digital photo contests work?

Do You Have a Winning Shot?

Digital photography has not only made it easier for people to take photos, but to share them as well. This has turned a lot of everyday snapshooters into serious photo buffs. And some photo magazines have helped fuel the fire by hosting free digital photo contests.

These digital photo contests are often held monthly - to follow the magazine's publication schedule. Usually, the contest is broken into a variety of visual categories, such as best sports shot, best landscape shot, etc. The prizes offered can range from inexpensive merchandise to photo trips and high-end cameras. And the winning shots are usually published in the magazine.

To enter one of these contests, just follow the instructions in the magazine or on the magazine's website. But keep in mind, if you have to submit an actual print, make sure you have a copy. In most cases, the contest won't return your photo.



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